Our family name "Amenta" has been associated with quality and cabinets for three generations. It all started back in Sicily during the 1930's with our Grandfather who started making custom furniture specializing in veneer inlays. when WWII hit the island he moved our family to the states where he built cabinets for 25 years. 

Today two of his grandchildren are still carrying on our family pride with quality finishes.

We had a custom furniture design studio in Dallas for 12 years until the real estate market crashed. But During That time we partnered with a master faux finisher who had 30 years of experience.  Our work has been published in Dallas Design Magazine as most innovated work and we have done work for some celebrities such as Chuck Norris. One of the brothers then went to be head of quality control for a French manufacturing plant for six years. While working there he was in charge of getting the company ISO compliant.

But the calling for Finishes was to strong. The brothers two brothers got back for the family business, we went on the road for two years refinishing restaurant furniture and bar tops. Then when Katrina hit New Orleans we went to help for five years. While in NEW Orleans we rebuilt over 200 units and ran crews of 35 craftsman and more. while in New Orleans we also did finish carpentry work on a housing development for the city trimming out 3 houses a day, also doing paint finishes for American Eagle outfitters and coach's store fronts.

Now we are back to our roots with more knowledge of running crews and what products last the test of time.

Here in California for the last eight years we have mastered refinishing used cabinets. With California's regulations we have been on the front lines regarding product innovations without the loss of quality we associate with our family name.